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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 14:59:49 -0700
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Welcome to the list, Judd. Seems like there were a lot of immigrant Italian bike builders in Suisse land. There's a builder in Geneva who Francophied his name to Coissin. I guess his real name was Coissinni. He built road and track bikes and even manufactured his own label titanium headsets and other bits. Where did you grandfather live? Scott Davis. St. Anthony, Minnesota USA

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My Grandfather (now 96) was a bicycle builder and amateur racer in Mendrisio, Switzerland in the early 1930's. He had a small bike shop in town and built 25 to 30 complete bikes per month by hand. I have lots of drawings, blueprints, color samples, and misc stuff that he kept over the years. He received a patent during those years on a specific frame design which pushed the rear wheel forward under the weight of the rider. He says they used to spin the back wheel frequently when they would stand and pedal hard up the gravel roads in the Alps. He was the center point of a 7 man riding team which wore his name on their jersey "Florio". He was also a member of the "Velo Club Mendrisio" and featured several times in their book celebrating the 100 year anniversary. We have recently tracked one of the bikes down and had it shipped here. It is in original condition aside from the saddle. It's amazing to see it and think that my grandfather built it over 75 years ago. It's in pretty rough condition but it's great to have. This bike one may races in Mendrisio and surrounding areas in its time. We are going back and forth with how far to go with the restoration. He wants to just air up the tires and let it be.I would like to put it back to its original condition. Just thought I'd share the story with you all. It's pretty interesting and special to me. I'll let keep you up to date and attach some pictures when I can.

Judd Cappelletti

Los Altos Ca