Re: [CR] was frame painters, now powder coat?

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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:23:34 -0700
From: Kyle Brooks <>
Subject: Re: [CR] was frame painters, now powder coat?

There are so many places that do powdercoating, but they are not all create d equally. If you live near any medium to large city, you'll probably have at least a couple local powdercoaters. I think it is a good idea to ask abo ut their experience working with bicycles. If you ask a guy about his work on bicycles and his answer is that he can powdercoat anything that's metal, or any answer that indicates that it's all the same, you might be wa ry. While you're talking with them, you should ask about what kind of prepa ration they do. If their approach is just to sandblast the whole frame, t hat might be ok for wrought iron fences and park benches, but it might not be the best approach for a nice bicycle frame.

Also, I don't think it' s unreasonable to ask to see some examples of their work, or get some recom mendations. I recently wanted a bike powdercoated (it was a really nice old er, but not exactly collectable frame) and asked at a local bike shop whose opinions I trust. They were able to recommend a local powdercoater who doe s nice work with bicycles.

If  you don't mind sending the bike out f or the service, and probably paying a little more than a local guy, there a re several places that have made a specialty out of coating bicycles -- lik e Spectrum. A quick web search would turn up several others.

Kyle Br ooks Akron, OH

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  I had a Zeus mixte frameset powder coated a while back and wasn't impress ed.  While the overall appearanc e was good the outlines of the lugs were so ftened by powder buildup.  The detail was blurred and looked like old house trim with years of paint coat buildup.  I had a clear coat on top of the c olor coat.

Paul Patzkowsky

Longmont, Colorado

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> Subject: [CR] was frame painters, now powder coat?
> Rob Goughary wrote asking about inexpensive paintjobs. Has anyone had
> good experience with powdercoating?
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> Ma rcus Helman
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