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Ooops, wrong classic rendezvous mail group.

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Actually, depending on how much you want to do it isn't that hard. When I f irst started racing in the 60's I (well actually my dad) ?converted my Para mount track bike for road races. It was only 5 speed (but could easily have been 10). Used a clamp-on shifter, and a Huret (If I recall correctly) ?re ar derailleur hanger that we were able to slip into the drop-out.?Brakes we re not an issue since fork?was drilled and?either he drilled the rear bridg e or we had?the bike?made that way (he worked for Schwinn at the time). Nev er had a problem that I recall with toe overlap?but then I?was young and di dn't have (still don't) big feet.??Wheels should not be an issue as long as hubs match spacing (120?). Obviously costing depends on what equipment you have and where you want to go - certainly drop-out replacement is going to be fairly costly. ?Although doable, I agree with Ken (and probably others) why do this when you can obtain a road frame fairly inexpensively and not go through the hassle???

Rex Gilmore Vienna, VA

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Paul? ? I would hesitate to do such a thing. It would not be cheap to modify the fr ame. Also some track bikes have features you might not want on a road bike; such as a higher bottom bracket, toe overlap, etc.? ? Why not keep the track frame as it is and obtain a different road frame. Or you could fairly easily install a Sturmey Archer hub on the track frame. T rack frames often command a higher price than road frames.? ? Can you identify the frame in question?? ? Ken Sanford? Kensington, MD? ? ----- Original Message ----- From: <bikefll57@aol.com>? To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>? Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 6:28 AM? Subject: [CR] reverse conversion? ?
> I've read about several conversions of road bikes to "fixies" (shudder -
> what a tragedy!).?I'm pondering the reverse: fixie or track frame to a > road frame. Other than changing out rear dropouts and possibly a brake > br idge, what else might be involved with just the frame, and at what cost??
> Paul Andrews?
> Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA?
> _______________________________________________?


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