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Subject: [CR] Svorska Studded bike

Mike Schwering , who owned Georgetown Cycle Sport in Washington DC, had a purple Paris-Sport road bicycle equipped with Campagnolo Nuovo Record components that had been fully inlaid with Rhinestones on every conceivable part and virtually every inch of the bike. He was trying to sell it for the astonomical amount of $2500 then. Cheap by today's standards. I wonder where that bike ended up? PETER REID KOSKINEN OWNER PRKBIKES LLC CHAPEL HILL, NC, 27516,USA H/O 919-960-5871 C. 410-991-7539 prkbikes@bellsouth.net peter@prkbikes.com http://www.prkbikes.com
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> Subject: [CR] Bigger/better toy
> http://www.inquisitr.com/18882/this-bike-can-be-yours-for-100000/
> You know how folks say that no matter how much you paid for your
> car, bike,
> whatever, that someone else has one that is more expensive. ?I think
> th
> at the guy or gal who buys the one in the link above may not have to
> say tha
> t--for a mere $100,000, you too can join an exclusive club. ? ?Lou
> Deeter, Orlando FL USA