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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 09:39:44 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] What joy! (1982 Woodrup)

I have a Woodrup from that era, and it also has a very high BB, again somewhat like a track frame.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> <<....74 head with 1 3/8" rake......73 seat.....

\r?\n> 16" back end. >>


\r?\n> Kevin, is this a continuation of that recent "reverse

\r?\n> conversion" topic? This frame's specs surely sounds

\r?\n> like a track frame with road drop outs! TIGHT! :)









\r?\n> Dale Brown

\r?\n> Greensboro, North Carolina USA





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\r?\n> Subject: [CR] What joy!.......and a Campag question











\r?\n> As mentioned in my earlier post this morning, I went for a

\r?\n> ride on my

\r?\n> 1982 Woodrup Super Record's the first

\r?\n> proper ride Iv'e done

\r?\n> on it since rebuilding the bike in its former glory, [for

\r?\n> some years it

\r?\n> did have off topic Ultegra 8spd!] and I'd forgotton

\r?\n> just how wonderful

\r?\n> this bike rides and handles.........forget the now peculier

\r?\n> feeling of

\r?\n> toe clips & straps, or the 'small feel' of the

\r?\n> Super Record brake

\r?\n> levers, the bike just floats along, and it feels so

\r?\n> positive.........I

\r?\n> now remember saying to myself years ago that this frame was

\r?\n> the best I'd

\r?\n> ridden, perhpaps its the geometry.......74 head with 1

\r?\n> 3/8" rake......73

\r?\n> seat..... 16" back end..............wonderful, I can

\r?\n> see myself riding

\r?\n> this bike quite a lot this Summer, even in some mid week 10

\r?\n> mile time

\r?\n> trials and if I'm going well I don't expect to be

\r?\n> 'much slower' than on

\r?\n> a modern bike! fact this bike still has my

\r?\n> personal best 50

\r?\n> mile TT time credited to it [1.54.34 in 82 no tri bars etc]


\r?\n> Pics of this bike are on my flickr site



\r?\n> So now for the Campag question......a mate called round

\r?\n> yesterday, and

\r?\n> when I showed him my Super Record front gear with the black

\r?\n> arms, 3

\r?\n> holes, but with the later 'Sheild logo' as seen on

\r?\n> C Record stuff he

\r?\n> reckons this is from the last generation of Super Record,

\r?\n> which may be

\r?\n> true, but he also said that the rear Super Record gear was

\r?\n> with the

\r?\n> 'concealed spring' like on a 50th aniversary gear,

\r?\n> and on the last gen

\r?\n> Nuovo Record gears. Could this be true?........has anyone

\r?\n> seen or got

\r?\n> such a Super Record rear gear, I know there were a diferent

\r?\n> style of

\r?\n> jockey wheel bolts, and some had alloy bolts rather than

\r?\n> titanium, but

\r?\n> never seen one with the concealed spring.


\r?\n> Come on you Campag fans!!


\r?\n> Cheers Kevin Sayles

\r?\n> Bridgwater Somerset UK [still Sunny!]