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Hello Harvey, I think I've spotted these on, and the designs are indeed elegant. Jewelry for your bike. It's too bad clamp-on fittings pose a corrosion risk.

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Continuing my idols-with-clay-feet anti-campy campaign [ :-) ], I personally think that both Huret (Jubilee) and Shimano (D/A) made much nicer clamps for this purpose. Of course, they had the advantage of studying the earlier Campy. The Huret is particularly elegant and original, clamping around both downtube and seat tube.

harvey sachs mcLean va

Hi John. You use both. The longer one can be gently bent for the best routi ng. Generally you locate this as far down toward the bb shell and back towa rd the seat tube as practical. You want to make sure that the r. side guide is above the shell so the rear cable doesn't rub against the shell. And th e l. side cable doesn't scrape the seat tube. I always apply a layer of gre ase to the unside of any clips where they contact the frame to inhibit corr osion. Billy Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA. **************************************

Does anyone have a photo of the Campagnolo Downtube Shift Cable Clip (626/A) installed? ?I'm wondering how these actually work. ?The l ong cable guide on the left doesn't look like it curves upward sharply enough to send the cable up to the front derailleur. ?Also, there appears to be a secondary, smaller, guide on the left side. ?What woul d this be for?

John Hurley
Austin, Texas, USA