Re: [CR] Civil Defense Bicyclists???

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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 12:15:50 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Civil Defense Bicyclists???

Never heard of it. Have to remember the US mainland was never really in danger of serious attack. I think there may have been blackouts of major cities early on, probably mostly on the West Coast out of exaggerated fears of Japanese attack - they had after all successfully attacked Hawaii. But the closest thing to an attack on the mainland was attacks by German U-boats on shipping off the coast.

My impression is that the biggest role of the bicycle in the US war effort was a few people may have taken up cycling due to wartime rationing of gasoline. May also have been a few mobile units that used bicycles in the fields, but I think this was more widespread in the armies of the other nations invloved than in the US military.


Jerry Moos
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\r?\n> Dear Group, No doubt many on the list are familiar with the

\r?\n> British couriers

\r?\n> and civil defense bicyclists with their black out lamps

\r?\n> during the Blitz of

\r?\n> World War II...Does anyone know if we had a counterpart

\r?\n> here in the states

\r?\n> during WW II? I know we had a corps of Civil Defense folks

\r?\n> with helmets,

\r?\n> uniforms, etc...but did any of these individuals ride

\r?\n> bicycles?


\r?\n> Daniel Dahlquist

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