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Dave,Thanks for the note. I was hoping I'd get to rap with you in partic ular about this bike, as it's current build is VERY much inspired by the '63 Austin-Healey Mark III that I remember my father driving when I was a y oung boy (in the early 80's). An old neighbor's XKE factored in somewhere t oo... This bike was intended to be my take on the British "club racers" and "all rounders" of the 50's and 60's. Being my first frame, I liked the i dea that a single bike could be built to be ridden with a number of intenti ons. Knowing that I will never part with this first frame, I wanted a ver satile frame that I could set up in a number of ways for the rest of my lif e. That's the main reason I went with the track ends/derailleur hanger. T he clamp-ons and 120mm rear spacing mean I can set it up as a fixed-gear, 5 or 10 speed with relative ease. Looking at the current build, I proba bly should have used long Campy 1010 dropouts...Certainly would have made g etting rear wheel out a much smoother process. (I had hoped to use the ori ginal Blumels wingnuts to remedy that problem but then ran into another: f ender eyelet threading compatibility.) But what if I wanted to take her ou t and race on the local velodrome? Also, truth be told, I thought the Paragon track ends with derailleur hanger were so darn cool lookin'...and i t gave me a good excuse to gather all of the neat old Campy clamp-on bits. As pointed out by Mitch Harris, (despite the generous fender clearance) it's more of a vintage racing bike (traditional racing geometry of 73 degre es parallel) than a vintage rando bike. Again, thanks to the CR communit y for your support. The response to this first effort has really meant a l ot to me. Matthew Bowne(itchin' to fire up the torch again in...)Brooklyn, New York

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> I have no doubt, from the pictures that it is a wonderful job on your f irst
> foray into the art and science of pipe fitting, as I jokingly like to c all
> it.
> I am quite curious why you decided to use track dropouts on what you
> obviously intended to utilize as a classically equipped road bike?
> Regards and congratulations on your first born,
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> Gang,I would like to share with The List some shots of my freshly built -u
> p first frameset. I owe a lot to the CR community for guidance, inspira t
> ion, advice, parts, paint, lugs, etc.Please have a look:
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> Matthew Bowne
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