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Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 12:47:37 -0500
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Robert, I can't really offer advice based on personal experience, as I've always preferred cushiony bar wrap to the hard cotton. I really liked Grab-ons back when they were available. However, here are some points to consider, with apologies in advance if I state the obvious...

1. Use the CR List Archives to search for past threads. I haven't found it that easy to search, but you can usually find lots of info if you try. 2. Try searching Google. 3. Try for shellac materials and advice. 4. I think black electrical tape has been in use a long time and is not off-topic. However, I've never liked it myself because it doesn't stay stuck, and is ugly, especially if your bar wrap is not dark. I recently bought some heat-shrink tubing which I intend to try cutting in short pieces, say one inch, for finishing off. Although I haven't tried it yet, it should work great, but it is black. 5. Using shellac would seem to render the direction of wrapping a dead issue, since the shellac presumably anchors the wrap solidly in place. Some would argue the direction of wrapping is already a dead issue; fears of wrap coming loose being exaggerated, and likely due to poor installation. Anyway, I would be tempted to wrap from the center, anchoring with a bit of tape or adhesive and winding over top so nothing shows but white tape. Count on good tight wrapping plus shellac for a bullet-proof job. 6. I've heard of soaking cotton tape with water to make it more flexible and easier to wrap, then it dries really tight. 7. I've heard the slick way to handle the brake levers is to remove the levers but leave the clamp and stud on the handlebar. Wrap neatly around the clamp, apply shellac, then replace the levers after you're all done.

Hope this helps, John Hurley Austin, Texas, USA

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I can imagine the debate on the direction of bar tape was a good one....

However on that note - I am wrapping my Ambrosio bars (read sloping center taper) with cotton tape - White - and was thinking to Shellac them or not....any advice here on shellacing or not shellacing would be helpful - I have nver ridden bars with this treatment -

Also - what is the best way (and period correct way) to finish off the tape at the bar center? I don't want to used an off-topic electrical black tape type deal. How was it done in the fifties and sixties? Was there anyone out there with a great inovative method?

ooh - just thought of something - using campy bar end shifters - any thoughts on cable routing under the tape? on the rider side or in the front? See Cinelli in Jan's Competition bike book - arrived last night - fantastic book - anyway, I noticed that this bike has the same type of setup as what I am building...What are your preferences?


Rob Goughary
Stamford, CT USA

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\r?\n> Subject: [CR] ebay: Dahltron No. 1 Tape

\r?\n> To:

\r?\n> Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 10:17 AM

\r?\n> I have a package of Dahltron No. 1

\r?\n> Professional Handle Bar Tape listed

\r?\n> on ebay, Item No. 230333287397.  As an afterthought I

\r?\n> searched the CR

\r?\n> List Archives and was surprised (though I really should not

\r?\n> have been)

\r?\n> that this brand, which I had never seen before, has been

\r?\n> mentioned here

\r?\n> in the not too distant past.  Warning: Do not look at

\r?\n> the photo of the

\r?\n> back side of the package, as it shows wrapping the tape in

\r?\n> the "wrong"

\r?\n> direction, starting at the center and working toward the

\r?\n> end.  I

\r?\n> wouldn't want to be guilty of re-igniting that debate.


\r?\n> John Hurley

\r?\n> Austin, Texas, USA