[CR] Was: vintage cars and vintage bikes. Now: Men of Steel.

(Example: Production Builders:Peugeot:PY-10)

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Hi Jim:

I looked at the Men of Steel web page. Congratulations for doing this, it's a great idea.

Now, what are the requirements for the bike makeup? Any steel frame (welded, glued, brazed?) and any components? (STI, Ergo, DT shifters) ?Or are you limiting these areas somehow. Is that all spelled out somewhere online?

Thanks Dale

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Just a thought on this theory and there is some truth behind it, especially
   when you are talking about high end vintage racing bikes.? Our research has shown the same people that appreciate the qualities of a fine sports ca r also appreciate those same qualities in bicycles.? And with a CR, they get a bonus, they can work on it themselves.? Many current and former rac e car drivers are passionate about cycling.? Most recently F1 driver ?M ark Webber broke his leg while training on his bicycle.? It is amazing ho w people have contacted us about our Men of Steel Racing program, that have
   vintage cars in their garage also.? ? We are hoping this will lead them to get their bikes back on the courses, a nd do for CR just want the vintage sports car clubs have done for old race cars.? ? Just my? 2 cents. ? Jim Kruse Fort Wayne, Indiana jim@menofsteelracing.com MenofSteelRacing.com 260-409-6822 260-672-9113?Fax ?