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Hi James:

No disrespect at all.  And in fact 25 years ago, I was lucky enough to kn ow an elderly couple who met and got married while racing 6 days in Chicago in the 1930's.  They still had their bikes, jerseys, medals and trophies they had one.  Even though they were very old, you just new they lived a mazing lives.  You could see it in their eyes.  Sadly, they both past a nd their children and grand children just took all their bike stuff to the dump, and effectively through away their history.  This was part of my th inking when we decided to create The Men of Steel Racing.  We are reall y to late for those racers from the 1930's but we still may be able to reac h racers from the later years. 

But I have to add, I think those 6 day racers did get respect as it was a b ig sport in the early days.  I think the American road racers of the 1960 and 70's were seen about one notch higher then surfers on the respect scal e.  I could be wrong, but I don't think so.  And for you surfers who re ad this, I am just relating OTHERS opionions, not mine. 


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Geez Jim, I'm 57 and raced Pre-Lemond as you mentioned but you sound like y ou're dismissing those who came before us with respect to the six day men.   Those guys were the "original" men of steel!

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Thanks Dale.

We have limited participation to steel frame and forks only.  Components

at this point are not a consideration.  Our first split, hopefully after

then Athens race, will be the shifters, probably an ergo and down tube clas s.    All other rules are governed by USA Cycling, so no hairnets, et c. 

I have to admit the support we have gotten has been amazing.  What I thou ght would be just something fun to do has really struck a nerve with a lot

of people.  One thing I might add is that the whole point is to get the b ikes out.  There has been some concern over fitness etc.  No worries, i t is about fun and hopefully saving a lot of memories before they are lost

to time.  I know there are a lot of retired accomplished racers who have

never got there due, because for the bikes we like it was Pre-Lemond and no body outside of a small group even saw cycling as a sport. 

We will just have to see if the CR fans will turn out for the events.  So if anyone knows somebody who fits the profile we are hoping to get to turn out, please tell them about us.  It could be pretty cool to be able to s ay in a few years, we are all here at the start of Men of Steel Racing. 

Cheers.  Jim
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Hi Jim:

I looked at the Men of Steel web page. Congratulations for doing this, it's a great idea.

Now, what are the requirements for the bike makeup? Any steel frame (welded, glued, brazed?) and any components? (STI, Ergo, DT shifters)  Or are you limiting these areas somehow. Is that all spelled out somewhere online?

Thanks Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

-----Original Message----- From: Jim Kruse <> To: Sent: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 7:26 pm Subject: [CR] (CR) Car owners trading down for quality bikes?

Just a thought on this theory and there is some truth behind it, especially

when you are talking about high end vintage racing bikes.  Our research

has shown the same people that appreciate the qualities of a fine sports ca

r also appreciate those same qualities in bicycles.  And with a CR, they

get a bonus, they can work on it themselves.  Many current and former rac

e car drivers are passionate about cycling.  Most recently F1 driver  M

ark Webber broke his leg while training on his bicycle.  It is amazing ho

w people have contacted us about our Men of Steel Racing program, that have

vintage cars in their garage also. 

We are hoping this will lead them to get their bikes back on the courses, a

nd do for CR just want the vintage sports car clubs have done for old race


Just my  2 cents.

Jim Kruse

Fort Wayne, Indiana


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