[CR] Normandy hubs, was Some Bits For Sale\

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 20:51:59 -0400
From: "Harvey Sachs" <hmsachs@verizon.net>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>, <seaneee175@gmail.com>
Subject: [CR] Normandy hubs, was Some Bits For Sale\

Sean Flores wrote:

Hello List. Offing a few bits for sale. Prices including shipping to the Continental United States and payment by PayPal if you so desire. <snip>

- 1950's or 60's Normandy high flange hubset similar to early Campy GS. Straight "MM Atom" quick releases. Spin nicely but could use a rebuild. Very good overall condition. These are NOT the bike boom, typical oblong campy cutout hubs. $75/shipped ConUS/PP <snip>

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I would surmise that the hubs are early mid-60s, from the fuzzy view of the LEFT flange in your picture of the rear hub. That seems to show that the left flange arises pretty directly from the barrel. My first (1961?) Ted Williams had a slightly different rear hub, with the left flange set far to the left side. This required super-dishing, and it was a real right side spoke-popper. I suspect this design was a carryover from a 3-speed derailleur hub which just got more spacers added, and it was really bad. The design seems to have been changed to your by maybe 1965. I still have the older shell in my hubs box; have used it for decades to hold FW that I'm working on. And remember that not all bad ideas came from Campagnolo. :-) (just yanking folks' chains)

harvey "trivia collector" sachs
mcLean va