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TUFO's with the added sealant can be pretty bullet proof. They can be easy to mount with the tape, but very difficult to get off when using the extreme tape. You usually have to resort to a hair dryer to soften up the glue on the tape. When you have to change them the previous strip takes hours to remove. Much more time consuming than glue. The ride is poor. They are slow and unresponsive. I rode them for a long time. Even the tubular clincher.

Now I use Continental GP4000 and Continental glue. Great tires. Easy to mount. Straight. No bulge around stem.

Now both of these tires can not be repaired in conventional fashion as they are vulcanized. Vittoria Pit Stop works for small punctures but if you have a large whole the tire is shot.

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I'm with Peter, life is too short for the pain in the a** of the traditiona l ritual of gluing on tubulars. Provided you have prestretched the tires, mounting a pair of Tufos is less than an hour exercise beginning to end. A nd you don't spend hours cleaning glue off your hands or get it on your clo ths. I tend to favor the slightly wider 21 mm Tufo models. And if you like wide tubulars, they make a 28 mm Diamond 28, and even a Diamond 30. These were intended a cyclocross tires, but work OK as road tires also. The onl y other thing I could wish for would be a 24-26 mm model with a tan sidewal l and a strictly road tread.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> "What do you consider to be the most

\r?\n> "bulletproof" tubulars, as in least

\r?\n> likely to puncture, preferably ones that still give a

\r?\n> responsive ride?"


\r?\n> Tufo Jet Pros 700 x 19, black tread/beige sidewall.

\r?\n> Tufo Extreme Mounting tape.


\r?\n> Two reasons I'll never go back to clinchers and will

\r?\n> never, ever use

\r?\n> another brand of tubular tyre or glue again.


\r?\n> I buy 'em cheap via this website:





\r?\n> Peter Kohler

\r?\n> Washington DC USA


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