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Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 13:20:59 +0000
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Todd, I used to put a strip of plastic tape under the top tube clips to protect the paint [this was in or around 1970] then I realised how crap it looks!! I think I'd rather see a honest scratch than unsightly bits of tape everywhere. Another point to be aware of is puting tape on the seat tube for the front changer........this could cause the alloy clamp to fracture if you over tighten.

Even worse is folk who shove rag, or wood up their seat tubes, or fork steerers in an attempt to stop water!........don't ask how many frames I've had to repair because of it!!

Best leave it 'bare'........though I heard putting a smere of grease might help?

Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK

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Subject: [CR] Clamp on items

> Just curious, if any of you put cloth or rubber or any other material
> between clamp on items like Derailleurs or shifters to protect the paint
> and frame underneath.
> Thanks
> Todd Grantham
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