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What about dan Polito and Kelly Bedford will they attend?

Mike Schmidt Millington, New Jersey Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 30, 2009, at 10:21 AM, Wayne Bingham <> wrote:
> As Dale mentioned, we have created the "sign-up" list on the Cirque
> web site. One of the reasons for the delay is that, as you can see by
> the list, there aren't that many people signed up yet. I know that in
> these tough economic times everyone has to chose priorities carefully,
> but there will be some really interesting things happening this year.
> Seminars -
> We are very fortunate to have Jan Heine not only attending the Cirque
> this year, but also giving a presentation on "The History of the
> Racing Bicycle". I'm really looking forward to Jan's presentation,
> and believe that this great history lesson is something not to be
> missed by those interested in the development and progression of
> vintage lightweight racing bikes, and their impact on the broader
> world on cycling.
> We are also very happy to continue the Cirque tradition of having some
> of the "rising stars" of craft frame building showcased at the the
> event. This year we have Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles on tap to give a
> presentation on his life and experiences in the industry and custom
> frame building. Those of you who don't know Dave should. After
> working at Serotta and Waterford, Dave started Ellis Cycles just last
> year, and walked away with the "Best Track" award in the Craftsman
> category at last year's Cirque. Dave topped that by winning "Best
> Lugged Frame" at this year's NAHBS show in Indy. Can't wait to see
> what Dave comes up with next!
> Speaking of NAHBS award winners, Mitch Pryor (M.A.P Bicycles), winner
> of the "Best City Bike" award this year, is already signed up for the
> Cirque in June. Mitch isn't giving a presentation just yet (maybe
> next year Mitch?), but he will be on hand for the Saturday evening
> Reception, and of course will be displaying on Sunday. And while the
> winners of the "Best Tandem" award haven't "officially" signed up yet,
> I have it on good authority that the great crew from Bilenky Cycle
> Works will show up in force again this year.
> We are still developing our " Classic Workshop", where Earle Young
> will demonstrate wheel tensioning and truing, Larry Black will
> demonstrate mounting tubular tires, and more things are still in the
> works.
> Special Displays
> We will have a number of special exhibits and displays the year, both
> at the hotel and at the Sunday show. One of those will be a Pino
> Morroni display with a number of rare and interesting items. If
> anyone attending has Pino parts and/or memorabilia, and would like to
> contribute the this display, please contact me!!
> More special displays are in the works, so stay tuned!
> More on the Auction, which is shaping up nicely with the help of LOTS
> of helpful volunteers, will be announced very soon. We will also be
> adding an Auction image gallery to the Cirque web site.
> More people are using the on-line registration, which seems to be
> working well for everyone. You can jump there driectly using this
> link:
> Sign up now!
> More news to follow!
> Thanks -
> Wayne and MJ
> --
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville, Virginia USA