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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 18:27:06 -0700
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Simplex RD Jockey Wheels

There are several issues with replacement pulleys. Various RD's varied in the thread on the jockey cage, where the pulley "axle" threaded into the ca ge, in the OD of the axle/center bolt and in the thickness of the pulley an d perhaps the distance between the two plates of the jockey cage. Some mod ern replacement pulleys come with an assortment of plastic bushings/shims w hich may be able to adjust for pulley thickness/ axle OD. I think you will need to reuse the Simplex center bolt/axles as I doubt the the Simplex bol ts had the same thread as classic Campy or modern pulley center bolts.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Subject: Re: [CR] Simplex RD Jockey Wheels

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\r?\n> Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 7:55 PM

\r?\n> John Hurley wrote:


\r?\n> > <<My Simplex Criterium derailleur from 1977

\r?\n> PX-10 is the sleeved kind, not

\r?\n> > ball bearing.  When one of the jockey wheels broke a

\r?\n> few years ago, I

\r?\n> > went to bike shops all over town and no one had

\r?\n> anything that would fit.

\r?\n> > I finally scavenged some Simplex wheels off another

\r?\n> derailleur.  This

\r?\n> > experience led me to believe nothing but Simplex would

\r?\n> fit Simplex.  Is

\r?\n> > this in fact not so?>>

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> No, it is not. I have been using Bullseye (sealed

\r?\n> bearing) pulleys for ove

\r?\n> r

\r?\n> 30 yrs on Simplex (and others) rear derailleurs. They

\r?\n> need to be shimmed,

\r?\n> but if you can find the pulleys new, they come with more

\r?\n> than enough washers

\r?\n> to

\r?\n> make the fit quite easy. If not, just take the pulley

\r?\n> center bolt to your

\r?\n> local hardware store.


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\r?\n> Chuck Brooks

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