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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 16:30:26 +0200
From: "Freek Faro" <>
To: Harry Schwartzman <>
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Without offering an opinion on wearing a helmet, this reminds me of a Belgian TV program, about 10 years ago, the day before the Ronde van Vlaanderen (like, tomorrow!). To illustrate what the pros were up against, the tv presenter and ex-pro Eddy Planckaert rode up Koppenberg. The presenter wore a helmet, Eddy didn't. Presenter asks the ex-pro: why dont you wear a helmet, are you not interested in safety? Eddy answers: three reasons (this is in Dutch): 'stuurvast, ondervinding, zelfzeker'. Translated: steady on the handlebars, experience, confidence. I always remember this episode because the Flemish use slightly different wording than the Dutch would. I usually go out without a helmet (again, I dont offer an opinion); last time I crashed was last October. Like Harvey, I slipped out of my OT click pedal. Somehow I turned while falling, fell on my back first, than hit the back of my head on the pretty nice tarmac of the pretty nice bikepath. While I didnt even had a headache afterwards (I was bleeding though) I did crack a rib. Next time I'll wear a harnass.

Freek (in good spirits, spring has set in!) Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

2009/4/3 Harry Schwartzman <>
> Listers, Peter,
> I'm sitting here reading Classics Rendevouz all day because I just cracked
> my Femur. Can't move.
> Peter, i hear what you're saying, and I know that the Cannibal didn't wear
> helmets, Coppi didn't, Reg McNamara didn't. I know.
> HOWEVER, Three years ago I spent three days in Intensive Care after my OT
> clipless pedal failed. I wasn't wearing a helmet. I wouldn't have been in
> intensive care if I was. The stupidest, and I really mean that, thing was
> that my helmet sat at home that day, and when I got out of the hospital I
> saw it as I painfully hobbled into my house. I am man enough to admit that
> seeing it sitting there made me cry. I mean it. Really.
> I was generally OK, but I had two skull fractures and I had fractured a
> part of my vertebrae. These things happen. Especially if you ride hard and
> especially if you idolize and try to emulate the greats whenever you ride.
> As you said, in the past riders were hard men, but they did all kinds of
> stupid things when they rode. Amphetamines, no helmets, etc. etc.No need to
> emulate that behavior.
> Safety is paramount. What the point of having beautiful bikes if you're in
> a casket? I know you probably don't care what i think and you'r not going to
> take advice from a 32 year old upstart like myself, but if there is no
> greater tragdy than one that could have been averted.
> Safely, and bored outta my gourd,
> Harry Schwartzman
> Long Island City, NY