[CR] resending: Eisentraut Limited with Nervex Lugs?

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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 22:30:32 -0400
Subject: [CR] resending: Eisentraut Limited with Nervex Lugs?

I sent this yesterday but it did not go through. Hopefully this time it will work.

I was in the LBS today after a really nice 50 mile ride, (which included a guy on a '64 Legnano track bike, and another on a late '70's A-D), and I noticed that they have begun displaying classic bikes high on the wall. There was an early '60's chrome Paramount, a Mondonico, a Guerciotti, a Colnago (all early eighties) and an Eisentraut Limited.

The Limited had Nervex lugs, and eyelets on the dropouts. It was set up as a touring bike with a rack and fenders. The seatstays were attached to the sides of the seat lug in what I can only describe as kind of a generic fashion--no fluted edges, or engraved caps, nor the cool fastback attachment to the seat binder bolt. There was no chrome, and the bike was painted a brownish maroon.

I thought the Limited had long point lugs with spade-shaped cutouts. The bike in the shop was up high, so I could not see the tops of the lugs to look for a cutout.

One of the salesmen wandered over and asked what I thought of all these cool old bikes. I said I thought they were great, but I wondered about whether the Eisentraut might be something else that had been repainted and decalled a Limited. The salesman said no, it was the owner's bike, and he was sure it was authentic. There was no point in getting in an argument about such a thing, but I thought I would ask the assembled wise people here. Were there ever any Eisentraut Limiteds with Nervex lugs and eyelets on the dropouts?

Best regards,
Marcus Helman
Detroit, MI