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From: Jeff Slotkin <>
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Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 07:25:35 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] UPS: MIA Masi, still.....

I did twelve years with UPS until 2001. I can offer a couple of comments.

First, it is the fact that very large boxes don't always go down the same conveyer belts, etc, that can get them "lost." In this kind of lost, something is set aside, under a belt or somesuch, and hopefully noticed sooner rather than later.

Another, better kind of lost is when a label falls off. Happens all the time, and is why I always ink the address onto the box, also.

Last, you must understand that without insurance you are covered only up to $100. Thus it is cheaper for them to pac the c-note than put a lot of effort into this.

They WILL want to find your box if you file a claim, but not as badly as if it was insured for $3K. In fact, anything over some threshold (~ $1K still?) gets signed hand-to-hand by managers, and would be much less likely to get lost in the first place.

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On Apr 30, 2009, at 4:33 PM, scott davis wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for emails about my Masi. UPS still hasn't found
> it. The "specialist" on my account wasn't very helpful. She
> doesn't have any authority. She suggested that I file a claim.
> Apparently once a claim is filed, the claims dept. actually makes a
> serious effort to find it, especially when the actual high value is
> listed on the claim!
> Even though, I didn't insure it, I filed the claim. I'm hoping it
> will get someone off of their dead xxx. I honestly don't
> understand how they can lose something as large as a frame box.
> Their last scan was in their Philadelphia station near customs.
> Apparently, it never made it on a truck. Seems like it should
> either be in that UPS station or back at customs.
> Basically, I'm jumping thru all the UPS hoops on this. It seems as
> if they are very compartmentalized and their people, so far, are
> unwilling or unable to do much. If they don't locate it, I'll need
> to talk to a manager.
> Does anyone have experience dealing with UPS? Anyone know a UPS
> employee in Phily? Anyone have a bike or frame box disappear
> completely?
> Scott Davis
> St. Anthony, Minnesota USA