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Yes you can use?a cartridge?BB?(111mm)?with a topic?Pista crank. I have used Athena and Record (early versions about '94-'95)?for many years with a topic?Record Pista crank with?no problems. You MAY have to shift the BB a little (I didn't) to get appropriate alignment if the BB is not symmetrical, but isn't?a problem due to no lip on cups?The new Record Pista BB is symmetrical (and 111) and will be installing shortly into a new track frame; anticipate no issues. I believe that Wayne B. has also used some other BBs with success.

Rex Gilmore Vienna, VA

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I have reviewed the Campy timeline and am still looking for some insight on when the thicker walled, crud reversal rifling BB cups where introduced. And were these also used on Pista BB sets?

Last question, sort of OT, but not. Has anyone tried to use a newer Campy cartridge BB (early mid 90's) with a on topic Pista crank arms? As I line things up it looks like the spindle length might work (using a road cartridge BB for a Pista application) but I haven't tried it on a frame and haven't tested the flat angles.


Tom Dockery

Los Altos, CA, USA