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I wouldn't say that Merckx "allegedly" rode a Masi painted as a Peugeot. I specifically recall a picture (that of course I cannot now find) of Merckx and Simpson in a two-up breakaway during the 1967 Paris-Nice stage race (last stage I believe)?taken from behind that clearly shows Merckx's "Peugeot" with the Masi world championship bands on the seat-tube. If I recall correctly you can even read "Masi" but may be hallucinating more than usual on that! :-) Picture has always stuck in my mind because that was one of the first instances where?I was aware?that a racer might be riding something other than what it says it was.

Rex Gilmore Vienna, VA

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OK, folks, I know many of you have me pegged as an irredeemable Francophile, or maybe occasional Anglophile, but attached is the link to the early 80's Alberto-built Masi Prestige I finally got built up after buying the frame from Lou Deeter a couple of years ago:

As I like to do, just to show Campy wasn't the only component manufacturer in Italy, I've built it up almost entirely Italian but with almost no Campy. A prize for anyone who can identify the one or two tiny Campy bits. Mostly Galli - cranks, hubs, brakes, RD, shift levers, much of it gold anodized. But also some Gipiemme, Ofmega, Rino, Regina, Modolo (hoods), Ambrosio, Cinelli, Selle Turbo and Cobra. Still looking for an appropriate gold colored HS.

I've said I'd like to buy a Masi with really trashed paint and have it repainted as a Peugeot like those allegedly ridden by Merckx and Simpson when they were on the Peugeot team. But this frame was much too nice for that fate.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA