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Having visited Michael Embacher in Vienna and spending some time viewing his collection, I can attest that his collection and book "Smart Move" are worthwhile-however, only if one is interested in the nonconventional bicycle. Although the it contains steel and lugged bikes, this collection has to do with the standard fare discussed on CR and is really about going to the extremes of the materials used to make bikes, including carbon fiber, aluminium, etc. Among Embacher's true loves are the foldable bike and other even more exotic machinery. The entire collection can be seen on his website The book "Smart Move" is beautifully done with excellent photos, amusing commentary and high quality paper. The price of $75 is very reasonable.
George Hollenberg MD

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Subject: [CR] Book: Smart Move

> A few months ago, we discussed on this list the book Smart Move,

\r?\n> with

\r?\n> photos of the bikes from the Embacher collection in Vienna. Back

\r?\n> then, we discussed putting in a one-time order for the book.


\r?\n> The book finally is available in the U.S. For those interested

\r?\n> in

\r?\n> unusual bicycles, this one is a must-have. For more information

\r?\n> about

\r?\n> the book, see




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