[CR] Nice Masi Prestige frame and a Razesa for sale on ebay - mine

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From: Schmid <schmidi@gaponline.de>
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Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 15:02:15 +0200
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Subject: [CR] Nice Masi Prestige frame and a Razesa for sale on ebay - mine

Fellow Listmembers, I have a nice Masi frame for sale on ebay as well as a Razesa in Banesto finish. You will find them using the follwing ebay Numbers 230340349768 Masi Prestige 53cm 230340849623 Razesa Cromor 55cm

BTW: Can anybody of the here assembled Masiistas shed some light on the Reparto Corse thing? Was it something special or just plain marketing? Waht tubing were the Prestiges made of? I would be more than happy if a listmember would give the Masi a new home, the frame ist just not my size, I need a 59cm frame usually. Regards

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I am in search of (1) a clean pair of 66-42 (Campione del Mondo) alloy Cinelli handlebars (old or new logo) and (2) a used pair of priest/pope/valencia city bars I have lots of bars to offer in trade, such as 42cm Giro d'Italias, 3TTT Gran Prix, GB, Nitto, old crest logo Campione del Mondos in 40cm width, etc. If you have either of the bars I am looking for, please let me know if you'd like to try to arrange a trade!

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York