Re: [CR] Am I the only that's a little sad knowing J. Moos has a Masi ???

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Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 14:14:57 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Am I the only that's a little sad knowing J. Moos has a Masi ???

Ben and all,

Do not despair. There are remedies for this malady.

Remember the anti-cult "deprogrammers"?

A crack team of lyotard-wearing deprogrammers from the firm of March, Atom, Singer & Ideale (MASI) is now on its way, direct from Paris to kidnap Jerry and whisk him off to a secret location exactly 22.0 KM from Big Springs, TX.

Using a combination of diet (fromage, Bordeaux, escargot, baguettes), strong light, and nervar saying "non," they should be able to return our beloved Francophile to us, properly simplexed and with all his atoms properly derailled back to their proper cogs. (Of course, his brain waves will be returned to their normal "delta A9" once his head is re-set to its proper metrics at the nearby 25.4 MM Atax Bar, where Ava will help seduce him back into health.

Here's hoping that Jerry never romes far from the straight and narrow cobblestoned path again...

Jon Spangler praying expectantly in Alameda, CA USA

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> Subject: Re: [CR] Am I the only that's a little sad knowing J. Moos
> has a Masi ???
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> Hey, what can I say? Now that Obama has ushered in the Age of
> Aquarius, about 40 years after it was supposed to begin, we're all
> one big happy global family. And even the Francophiles can ride
> Italian bikes. Now the Masiosi and Colnago/DeRosa/Cinelli/
> Pogliaghi mavens all need to acquire PX-10's, Gitane TdF's,
> Motobecane Le Champions etc.
> In my defense, I paid only $250 for the frame, as there is a
> mysterious bulge below the headlug that many potential buyers
> suspected was a frontal collision, although close examination of
> the frame reveals absolutely no other support for a collision and
> overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So this frame would have
> been cheap enough for my project to repaint as a Peugeot ala
> Merckx, Simpson & Co. But it is much too nice for that.
> So although my reputation as a Francophile may have been tarnished,
> my reputation as a cheapass should remain intact.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Sping, Texas, USA

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