[CR] Jerry Moos and Jon Spanglers post

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Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 17:04:26 -0700
From: Jack Gabus <jgabus@gmail.com>
To: CR <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Jerry Moos and Jon Spanglers post

Well... It is done Jon gets my vote for best CR post ever. Written with great aplomb and fine humor as not to offend, but right to the heart of the matter..... Jerry the pen is mighty than the sword!



<Jon wrote>

Ben and all,

Do not despair. There are remedies for this malady. Remember the anti-cult "deprogrammers"? A crack team of lyotard-wearing deprogrammers from the firm of March, Atom, Singer & Ideale (MASI) is now on its way, direct from Paris to kidnap Jerry and whisk him off to a secret location exactly 22.0 KM from Big Springs, TX. Using a combination of diet (fromage, Bordeaux, escargot, baguettes), strong light, and nervar saying "non," they should be able to return our beloved Francophile to us, properly simplexed and with all his atoms properly derailled back to their proper cogs. (Of course, his brain waves will be returned to their normal "delta A9" once his head is re-set to its proper metrics at the nearby 25.4 MM Atax Bar, where Ava will help seduce him back into health. Here's hoping that Jerry never romes far from the straight and narrow cobblestoned path again...

Jon Spangler praying expectantly in Alameda, CA USA

Jack Gabus
310 490 3784
Laguna Beach, CA