[CR] hi list! introduction and hunting for a seat binder for my 1983 trek 500

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From: <daviedeth@hellokitty.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 10:52:39 -0700
Subject: [CR] hi list! introduction and hunting for a seat binder for my 1983 trek 500

hi list!my name is david. been reading regularly for about a year, this is first post though.it's been really great for me to sit in on these discussions. i have to say first off that the wealth of info and sweet pics of so many bikes is super cool to me and very valuable as a young vintage bike enthusiast.i am 25 years old and i currently work at a non-profit shop in portland oregon called the community cycling center. i have been fixing bikes there for four years now, and it is my first shop job. i have had the privilage there to see and work on many older bikes, much of what i work on are 70's and 80's road bikes and 80's and 90's mountain bikes, with plenty of department store bikes w/ owners contemplating service and the occasional high end road or other bikes. it is a very diverse shop, alot of fun and i am very happy to be part of the industry.i had owned a few 80's peugeot road bikes when i began working at the shop, i suppose i got into cycling late, i didn't ridebikes in high school even, i rode skateboards and took the bus. i never even got a permit to drive! i was never interested in the whole car thing personally, and that definately had something to do with how bikes changed my world when i rediscovered them around age 18. (did have childhood bikes though).anyways, i suppose i started paying attention to french bikes first, got a freindly bad time for it from coworkers and everything, i was/still am at least minorly obsessed with peugeots particularly,and really anything cool old and french, and without taking up massive amounts of bandwidth, i could say in short that my love for vintage bikes has only grown and i am interested in much more than french bikes now. getting on with it, i'm looking for a seatpost binder bolt for my 1983 trek 500. i was not able to find a picture of one to help clarify which binder bolt it is, but i'm guessing there are some folks on here who know alot about vintage treks and maybe someone has a stash of these? it is not the conventional campy type binder bolt, the "nut" or left side does not have the tooth/no turn tab either, but possibly has another hex end to keep the bolt from turning when tightening. below are links to pics of seatpost clamp/seatlug from both sides, the left side where the bolt would come out or is not threaded. right now i'm using a 6mm hex head bolt with washer and nut on the other side, it is functional, but does not look good, or "correct"!please contact me offlist if anyone has one,much appreciated, http://www.flickr.com/photos/36034027@N08/3505031444/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/36034027@N08/3504220043/in/photostream/ david coxportland oregon