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Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 11:50:35 -0500
From: John Thompson <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Pics of Rally generation rear derailleurs wrote:
> Hilary Stone wrote: << Unfortunately the information on
> is often not reliable - and in the case of the Rally
> the picture of what they say is the first generation is actually 2nd
> generation - it has the plastic cups over the adjusters. >>
> Hilary is correct...
> The other problematic part of all this Campag derailleur dating
> business is that "in-the-day" we used to immediately remove and throw
> away those CSPC plastic cup-like "protectors". To have those on your
> gear was very "Fred".....

Is the only difference between the 1st generation and the 2nd generation as defined above merely the addition of the CPSC mandated covers? IMHO that hardly qualifies for a generational difference. And isn't the 3rd generation as defined by Velobase actually a mountain bike derailleur from Campy's short-lived foray into mountain bike groups of the early 90s?

Unlike the earlier units, I don't see anything on it stating that it is a "Rally."

And wasn't there a "Nuovo Rally" as well, similar to the later Rallys in lacking the dropped parallelogram but with a smooth body plate like the "Nuovo Gran Sport?"

Finally, the Rally -- at least none of the iterations I've seen, and possibly excluding the purported 3rd generation Rally on Velobase -- has a "slant parallelogram" similar to what SunTour used, but rather a "dropped parallelogram" similar to what Shimano used prior to the expiration of SunTour's patent on the slant paralellogram design. IIRC, Shimano actually licensed the dropped paralellogram from Simplex, along with the dual-spring design on the upper and lower pivot bolts (also seen on the 1st generation Rally).


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