Re: [CR] FS , Campagnolo Nuovo Record BB Italian , NOS ....... Correction , not French

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Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 15:09:28 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] FS , Campagnolo Nuovo Record BB Italian , NOS ....... Correction , not French

Thanks to a list member pointing this out, The bottom bracket I offered yesterday is Italian , not French. Looking at the 36x24"F" on the box and you know what happens when you assume......

Corrected ,,,,,,,, all items include shipping in 48 states.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record bottom bracket, Italian 36x24 F cups, 70ss shaft , complete w/ bearings, in original box, $125

Zeus chrome lower cable guide , this is the one that goes on the downtube just in front of BB , routes front cable up and rear to rear, looks like Campy copy, NOS with bolt & nut, $15

Shimano 600 Arabesque rear derailuer, short cage with quick release plate, includes hanger, NOS, $65 (with matching NOS shifters $80)

Shimano 600 Arabesque shifters, frame clamp, cables, NOS $25

Shimano 500 GS rear derailuer, long GS cage , 1st gen., looks like a ST Cyclone clone,, includes hanger, NOS $30

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David Cowie Oakland, Or USA

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