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Subject: [CR] Pic of the Day - Bruno Pasquini In Command

Pic of the Day 10 May, 2009 Bruno Pasquini In Command

Stage 18, 1949 Tour de France. A very muscular-looking Bruno Pasquini leads teammate Vincenzo Rossello on the stage from Aosta, Italy to Lausanne, Switzerland. In the end it was Rossello beating Pasquini to the line, making it the second Italian 1-2 finish in two stages, after Coppi and Bartali went 1-2 on the stage from Briancon to Aosta.

Pasquini's bike is a Bianchi with Simplex derailleurs, Campagnolo quick-releases on the hubs, and what appear to be Universal brakes. Note his preference for mounting a single bottle on the bars and another on the downtube.
>From "200 Momenti Fotografici del 'Tour' 1949" by Emilio de Martino.


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