Re: [CR] NOS Paramount on ebay, wrong year

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From: <>
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 06:40:04 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] NOS Paramount on ebay, wrong year

The seller is either stupid or outright deceitful and depending on the ignorance of a potential buyer.

But, at least he does offer the serial number: "Built in Dec 1967 - Ser# L72305" ...which would date the bike to November, 1972

He also lists this auction: Item number: 170329781621 for a Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 as: "Made in Jan 1971 - ser # 1A03143" ...which is also around 10 years too early.

Someone might be able to grab the Raleigh International which the same idiot is also selling, and perhaps even for a decent winning bid.

Item number: 170330455392 New In Box, still wrapped, copper color (1974-76?) 22.5 inch frame.

Remember, these were quite comparable to a Paramount... Full Campagnolo N/R 10-spd + Weinmann brakes, double-butted 531 tubing throughout and with chromed Nervex head lugs.

THAT bike would be my eBay choice for this week!


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