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From: tobit linke <>
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Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 01:16:27 +0000
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Subject: Re: [CR] Spindle Length

I can't be of any help with the Phil stuff, but 135mm sounds long for a BB spindle. I recall 125ish as the recommended length for a TA cyclotouriste triple, and it's hard to imagine a crank design that would require anything longer (unless the frame is odd). If the 130mm spindle worked (with a spacer), why get anything wider? This seems to be a question of BB/spindle symmetry more than length. Isn't the chainline on Phil BBs supposed to be adjustable?

Bring a Phil BB tool when riding in Europe.

Tobit Linke, Dortmund, Germany
> I bought an 70's vintage Jack Taylor tandem, and I've got some issues with the bottom bracket spindles. The cranks are nice old Stronglights with a triple set up, which are in good condition. The rear bottom bracket (loose ball & cup)?was just thrown together to sell the bike. The spindle is 130mm over all, but the guy put a washer behind the fix cup so that?the chain ring?would clear the frame. It looks like if the rear spindle had been 135 it would have worked properly. The front is a phil wood with an over all 115 length non symetrical. I would buy a new phil for the rear, but when I went to the phil on line store, there are about 3 different 135's. Can someone give me some help here, with out looking at what I've got. Thanks.
> Michael Thompson
> Monroe, Louisiana