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>> The serial number is CD76.

Hi Dustin;

If you'll look closely, you'll see that there are two different stamps on the bottom bracket. The large stamp, "CD 52" is the customer code and frame size. Below and between, in a smaller size stamp, is "766" which is the date of production (June 1976). This combination of stamps was typical of the period for Italian Masis... unlike the US Masis, they did not have serial numbers.

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA USA

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I am offering for sale a 52cm(c-t) 1976 Alberto Masi Prestige in vgc. The bike is equipped with SR/NR components and has a pantho stem and seat post. The serial number is CD76. All bearings run smooth. This bike has hardly been ridden and is in great condition. Just check the pictures for that. There is some chain slap and a scratch on the bottom of the down tube, see the pics for that. The seat stay has two tiny chips (ca. 1/16") halfway down. Aside from that, nada. The top tube measures 53cm c-c. The stem is 90mm, the bars 40cm. Seat post measures 27.7. The freewheel is an Everest, the saddle a Concor Supercorsa. Rims are from Nisi. It comes with a Silca Impero Masi branded pump with Campy head.

Check out pictures under:

Asking price is $2500 shipped anywhere.

Please ask any questions.

mfg, dustin -- dustin nordhus fehrbelliner stra?e 5 d - 10119 berlin

tel. 030 - 960 8 83 23