[CR] WANTED: vintage bicycle tire pump

Example: Framebuilders:Jack Taylor

?I found your?site while looking at a pic of a 1915 Indian neck badge on a metal detecting site.? I was wondering if some of you vintage bicycle folks could help me out could? in my search for a vintage tire pump or atleast info on it. All I know about it is? the following:

The pump body and handle are made?out of?aluminum. The handle is smooth (not ribbed) and has a lip on the bottom. The main body is 7/8" diameter. The hose is stored in the handle when not in use and I am pretty sure the hose is the cloth covered rubber that was popular during that time period. The pump, in closed postition is approx 13" long. It was sold from atleast 1948 thru 1957. I m quite sure it was American made (not imported) Here is the only pic I have, out of a old 1955 catalog. Can ya help me out with some info (or maybe even a original pump !!!)

?Thanks for your time.
Charles Hallam
WIlls Point, Texas USA

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