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Helpful hint: Take an old screw driver and bent the tip 70-80 degrees. Grind off the blade. Drill a 1/8" hole half way through the outside end of the newly formed bend. Presto, you have a great tool to bend and/or remove brake springs for easy centering. DaveP

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Jeroen Kleijn asks: "..adjusting my campa record ... brakes. The side pull side ends up against the rim and stays there....Anybody got some proper instructions to help me out?..."

To Mark Agree's suggestions about centering and tightening the brake while the lever is squeezed, or using offset wrench on the flats of the center bolt,

I would add the timeless classic of tapping lightly with a flat drift punch

(or screwdriver) and a hammer on the brake spring.where it comes out of the center bolt in order to bend the spring a bit so that the brake centers.

You also should ensure your brake calipers are moving freely on their pivots

and are not binding.

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