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Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 22:14:34 -0400
From: Tom Hayes <hayesbikes@gmail.com>
To: Classic Rendevous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] T-town report

Like others who have commented, I thought last Saturday's swap was sparse, even given that I have found the spring version no where near as crowded with vendors and buyers as the fall. I attribute it mainly to forecasts that rain was to be on-and-off all day. There were a large number of empty spaces, including my own, except that I plunked my stuff at Larry O's holding convivial pen. That might become a type of bicycle swap shrine to which all CR members must make a pilgrimage each T-town swap. Pilgrims this year were Dan A, Michael S, Steve M, Charlie Y, Walt S, host and grand master of the pen, Larry O, and multiple fellow travelers. I also did not see the usual large number of the messenger crowd; they were sorely missed.

I thought there was a significant number of vintage stuff to pick through. There was a complete sixties Cinelli, needing some love, but it was all there, including a steel cinelli stem. I managed to walk away with less that I came with. Only a stem and a couple of tires savers. Sold two frames and came home with one--a Raleigh International now on Ebay at the following should any be interested:


I was sorely tempted by the 1960's Swiss Condor, but restrained myself with the help of Larry and Charlie. I found out later that Kevin picked it up. He will do more with it than I probably would have anyways.

Part of T-town for me is the drive. Even though I suppose this could be written or said about anyplace, but I find the drive through Pennsylvania unlike any other. One can't help be struck by the beauty of the land, no matter how familiar or customary it can become. Deep valleys, thick woods, deer darting around (have Charile tell his dyptu of the antler hole in his Volvo).

For me it is a worthwhile semi-annual adventure. Now onto the Cirque.

Tom Hayes
Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA