Re: [CR] Old French bike and Universal Super 68 brakes

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Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 20:05:23 -0700
From: Derrick Bourgeois <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Old French bike and Universal Super 68 brakes

I'm not sure what you mean Alan. That seems pretty normal. Grab them  from down in the drops with two fingers and squeeze hard. That's how my Universal brakes work. I just have the plain generic black pads that come on a cardboard card hanging on the wall at the bike shop. Are you trying to use them from the hoods position like you would a modern brake lever?

Regards, Derrick Bourgeois Colorado Springs, USA


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Hello All,

I recently found an unidentified old French bike at my local Recycle-a -Bicycle.  Painted a vibrant purple, it has a rather elegant diamond shaped head badge with the initials CS.  Mostly Suntour components but I don't know if this is original.  The original wheels were Ukai tubular rims with sunshine hubs.  It has a rather unusual quick release on the base of the stem, even though the SR stem has the usual stem bolt (maybe the stem is not original).  Stamped unmarked dropouts, and half chromed on the chain stays and fork.  Very short top tube, 56 cm, for a 61 c to c frame.

Anyway, the brakes are Univeral super 68, very vintage looking, with a neat linkage type quick release mechanism.  The only problem is that  they don't work!  I put on modern Tektro pads, tried tight adjustment, loose, etc.  The rims are new and clean.  The brakes simply don't stop the bike....unless you grab the very end of the brake lever from the drops and really squeeze hard.

Anyone have any idea what this bike may be....and why these very nice-looking brakes don't work?  Thanks in advance.

Alan LaVine New York, NY, USA