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From: Emilio Bozzi <>
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Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 22:38:33 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Universal 68s BIG PLUS

Bob always knows these things big time!! I don't even try to get anything past him.

I should add that I had a 72ish Mirella that came stock with dura-ace brakes while the rest was Campy a mix of NR with some GS hubs and headset through in for good measure (I guess).

Weirded me out big time, so I switched out to the Super 68s for the whopping price of $18 boxed, got me some Campy cables and rode the heck out of them bugger years later on into my sophmore year of college.

Yes, they looked wimpy and I can't say I wanted to see if they bent any easier than Campy, but they did the trick...and yes that quick release thingy was retro before the word retro was even invented.

Best Regards Nels Cone Seattle WA
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> Subject: Re: [CR] Universal 68s BIG PLUS
> Cinelli recommended them as they did not hit the DT near the
> shifters , Campy and all others (knock offs clones etc) did damage and
> even dent the DT. 68s swing UNDER the tube
> bike to work day was quite something , I did not think it was
> possible to ride 40 miles