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Charles. I hate to say this, but I think its cute!! yes, even the foil decal!!! (-: Nels Cone Seattle WA
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> It's a commonplace that italian manufacturers were cranking out frames as fast as they could by the mid-1970s..but, I must say, this pogliaghi is rough, even for the time and maker..Pogliaghi of course, famous for nicknames like "pugugly" and you can find examples to justify that name. This one too..notice the head badge..a foil graphic that appears to have been cut with a pair of scissors..badly.
> they must have been slapping them up and shipping them out as fast as they could...whatever else one might say about masi, it does seem the case that other than a year or so in the early 70s when there seem to have been a few subbed GCs that are less than pretty, every other Masi I have ever seen shows real care in the workmanship, from measuring to brazing to filing to finishing.
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