[CR] good pedals for wide feet

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Subject: [CR] good pedals for wide feet

hi ken

thought of these right away. http://velobase.com/ViewSingleComponent.aspx?ID=CBC6B9BF-B1A1-45BF-8F88-0BEE2382DF1D&Enum=109&AbsPos=4

they are not italian but they are sharp! i have a couple of co-workers that ride these pedals. one fellow has extra wide feet and they work for him in sneakers

david cox

portland OR


I measured my Campagnolo Record pedals today and found that these are only 3" wide so I then measured my feet and was dismayed to find that these are 4.25" wide and hence I now understand why my feet will not sit comfortably for very long on the Campags. Is the idea that one should use shoe plates in combination with the Campags ? I have a brand new set of TA shoe plates but do not possess a pair of old leather cycling shoes to which these can be nailed. Does anyone still make this kind of shoe ?

I used to ride on Chaterlee pedals when I was a teenager which I think are similar in width to Campag pedals but in those days I just used ordinary walking shoes and so I am left wondering if feet spread as one gets older ?

My winter bike is fitted with cheap and chearfull Loytard pedals and since these are a healthy 4" wide I have not experienced any problems fitting into and pushing on these pedals but they are a bit basic.

Can anyone suggest a good make of wide fitting pedals suitable for and contemporary with a late 1960's steel framed racing bike that will accomodate a wide foot / shoe ?


Ken Hume London, England


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