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Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 11:44:35 -0400
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At risk of getting the auto-boot, and veering very slightly off-topic...

No knowledge at all of French is needed to understand / enjoy Tati films. Tati is one of France's most celebrated clowns / mimes, his characters are always sympathetic and good-humoured and his movies have to be watched carefully to be enjoyed fully. YouTube in lo-rez is not really the correct medium.

Famously all of his films were 'sound' but with no / or barely distinguishable diaolgue and relied on physical comedy & observation of comic activity within, at times, a very broad cinematic canvas (so a normal wide angle shot would have amusing vignettes, unconnected with any?apparent plot,?appearing sometimes fleetingly?in the extremities of the frame).

Jour de Fete is not perhaps very typical of this latter - later films such as "Traffic" and most particularly?"Parade" most definitely are...

Back on Topic. There is of course the famous 'bee' sequence in "Jour de Fete" which I'm sure you're referring to - but further velo content (def' on topic) can be found in in one of Tati's earliest films "Ecole de Facteurs" (School for Postmen)...

Ian Briggs, LUTON, Bedfordshire, UK Tati-bore / Chief Coach for the British Olympic Team 2012