[CR] Tom Kellogg bicycles and frame serial numbers

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From: Martin Walsh <mowalsh@verizon.net>
To: CR List <ClassicRendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 00:46:58 -0400
Subject: [CR] Tom Kellogg bicycles and frame serial numbers

Hi Classic Rendezvous List Members, I had a good talk with Mr. Tom Kellogg,framebuilder and bicycle racer the other day. I've acquired a second Tom Kellogg frameset for my collection.Tom built framesets and bicycles under his own name,Tom Kellogg, before he started his current company called "Spectrum Cycles". See the following link for Tom Kellogg's website: http://www.spectrum-cycles.com/1.htm If I understand what's printed on his website,Tom produced frames with his own name on them from around 1976 to 1980 after working with Mr. Bill Boston of Delaware.Tom then went on to work for Ross Bicycles,doing custom frames under the "Signature" line from approxiamately 1980 -1982, before starting his current business. The one question I had for Tom that had me a bit confused was his serial number coding on the early,Tom Kellogg frames and bicycles. The first Tom Kellogg that I aquired is 06 being the sixth frameset that Tom built when he was first starting out on his own circa 1976. The second Tom Kellogg frameset that I've added to "Marty's Bicycle Emporium" is a Tom Kellogg built in 1978. Tom uses a sequence of four different numbers to date/number/ and explain seat and head angles. Some shorthand is used in describing the frame angles. I thought it might be nice to get this information into the Classic Rendezvous Archives. The following is how Tom explained how the early "Tom Kellogg" frames are serial numbered (coded)

Frame serial number is located on steerer tube and bottom bracket:

78 89 30 35

78 = 1978 89 = 89th frame built 30 = 73.0 seat tube angle 35 = 73.5 head tube angle

Tom also has the decals for the "Jim Redcay" custom made bicycles in case anyone is on the hunt for them. Tom is currently doing the painting and Mr. Jeff Duser is currently doing the framebuilding for the custom Spectrum bicycles. The 30th Anniversary Spectrum framesets look very reminiscent of the early Tom Kellogg framesets. Tom seemed to feel that the new paints and finishes are better than what was in use thirty some odd years ago. Tom also explained the early fall is the best time to get a frame in for refinishing work. Yours truly, Marty Walsh in Vienna,Virginia U.S.A.