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Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 06:15:38 -0700
From: Thomas Adams <>
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Dear List:

As an alternative to the hard to find touring clip and strap shoe, we were discussing shot put/discus shoes a while ago.  Those proved hard to find.  So I'm experimenting with a "driving shoe" as a substitute cycling shoe.  It has a very slim sole, lace closure and  a restrained color scheme so it looks good with traditional bikes, clips and straps.  On the downside, the sole is flexible, so platform pedals only are recommended.  I got a pair of the Pumas, and they run small, so adjust accordingly.  A sample is here:

< 0317417583>

 or ebay item 200317417583.

I'm using them with Berthets, MKS platforms, Phil Woods and the new White Industries, and they seem fine for rides.  The sole is smooth so they slide in easily.  However there's no feature to hold the shoe in place, so they will twist/slide a bit.  I've only done 30 miles so far, so longer distance comfort is unknown. 

Tom Adams
Manhattan, KS

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From: Ken Freeman <> Subject: Re: [CR] Shoes To: "John Autry" <> Cc: Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009, 6:59 AM

Since around '87 I've used a set of Adidas Col d'Izoard touring shoes (why they named a touring shoe after one of the most famous TdF climbs I'[ll never know).  I haven't seen any more of these anywhere.  These are a slim mostly leather shoe with a stiff fully walkable sole, with some little rubber features in it that latch into the pedal like a cleat.  But the features are much shallower than a real cleat such as the one you found. Because of the smooth upper and the lack of heavy features on the tread, I can slip my foot into and out of the clips pretty easy.   They've been comfortable up to maybe 40 miles, and it could be part of why Ihave difficulty extending my distances.

I also have a pair of similar Adidas, but they have a softer sole.  Other Adidas I've found good for around-town (walkable in stores) are the Team Adidas shoes, in several designs.  They have the same smooth shape as a real cycling shoe, with a smooth rubber sole and pretty good stiffness.  Again not as good as the original touring shoes.

Every so often Nashbar has some NOS old-school cycling shoes with the hard leather soles and an adjustable cleat.  I have a set of these (Diadora), and I like them a lot.  Maybe they'll help with my distance issue.  I really with I could find a shop with enough NOS to fit me well for some old-school cycling shoes, all-leather.

I have tried to use clunky shoes like running or walking shoes, and I found I can get into the clips with difficulty, and after opening up the strap to the max.  If I had a set of extra long clips, that would help, too. But this is all not worth the trouble.

For your velcro closures, I'd experiment with strap setting, to get the "mouth" of the clip/pedal/strap large enough for easy entry.  If you engage the pedal by tipping it back, this should work.  You might or might not want to snug the strap once you're engaged.

A few years ago someone talked on the list about Reynolds classic English touring shoes, made to measure.  I am really intrigued by these.

I plan to try a (gulp) modern shoe with the YJ cleats.

Does anyone know of a US source of bespoke old-school cycling shoes?

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 7:27 AM, John Autry <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> When you want to ride your old bike with clips and straps... what to do for
> shoes and cleats?
> I've come across a substitute for a cleat on new generation shoes;
> But, what are the Velcro closures like getting in and out of toe clips and
> straps?  Any wisdom that could be shared would be most appreciated.
> Thanks
> John Autry
> Charlotte, NC  USA