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Subject: [CR] Was: Fw: Re: The French. Now Scanderhoovians

By now I am sure that you all heard the Sven, Ole and Lena jokes in which one or all three of these scanderhoovian caricatures are played as fools in various compromising and inconveniencing situations. Well often times, my name get substituted in these jokes.... by own non-bike riding relatives to boot! I tell them that must stop..........but they never do!

One day they will be sorry; believe you me! Nels Cone Seattle WA
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> Subject: [CR] Fw: Re: The French.
> Dale,
> The use of the word Frog is tantamount to Spic, Wop, etc... This must be stopped. Thanks!
> Marc St. Martin
> Livermore, California
> USA, but still French
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> >I am not French but I did live in Western Canada for 6 years and heard the term "frog" on several occasions. Like many slang words it isn't always meant to be pleasing. Sometimes people just throw out a word during?a conversation but?they have no ill feelings meant buy saying the word. ?During one very cold winter while I was living in Calgary -Alberta in Canada the eastern Provence of Quebec needed oil and the leading political figure of Alberta said "let the eastern bastards freeze"...... Every nationality has nicknames -we learn to get over it.. We should not get bent out of shape if someone uses those names. Be more mature than he other guy.
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> >Gary Smith
> >Getting ready for 4 days of riding and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend
> >Raleigh NC
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> >Hi all. I don't want to stir up any controversy, but i am i the only one who
> >finds "frog" objectionable? The French may?have contributed virtually nothing to
> >rock and roll but pretty much everything essential to bikes originated there.
> >They deserve a bit more respect. Billy [i'd rather be lost stumbling drunk in
> >Paris than doing anything else anywhere else] Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.