[CR] R O Harrison frame on British eBay

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From: Neil Foddering <neilfoddering@hotmail.com>
To: Rendezvous Classic <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 10:53:24 +0000
Subject: [CR] R O Harrison frame on British eBay

As V-CC Marque Enthusiast for R O Harrison, I keep an eye open for these machines, and there's a beautiful 23" c-t ROH frame on British eBay at the moment. It has been re-enamelled, and has the extremely rare and desireable early, large, brass headbadge. This maker is less well-known than, say, Claud Butler Holdsworth, Bates or Hetchins, but every frame I've come across has been beautifully built, every bit as good, in my opinion, as say, a Gillotts.

It has less than 1 1/2 days left, with no bids and a starting price of £169.99, a potential bargain for somebody?

Item number 280347733589, search under seller's id "tygeist" or use this link:


Neil Foddering

Weymouth, Dorset, England