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Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 14:19:20 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] Braking efficiency (not)

Definately change to alloy rims!

My ex boss was nearly killed years ago when approaching traffic lights at the bottom of a not so steep decent, it was raining and he ended up going through the lights on red because his brakes did nothing to slow him whatsoever! that time he was on steel rims, I think from memory he changed the wheels to alloy the very same day [one of the perks of owning your own bike shop, Woodrup cycles]

Chrome wheels look nice on MG roadster cars and the like.

Best change to alloy!
Regards kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> Hi,
> My winter bike is a Peugeot P10E and this still has the original standard
> chrome plated 27 x 1.25 steel rims and Weinman 600 side pull brakes. The
> rims have picked up a few bulges / dings over the years.
> My problem is that this bike is carrying a 230 lb load (me) and the brakes
> are just not sufficiently effective to pull up in short order. Should I
> change to alloy rims and if yes can anyone provide a recommendation for a
> good substitute or any other suggestion to increase stopping power.


> Regards


> Ken Hume

> London, England.