Re: [CR] KOF Drillium

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 14:37:18 -0700
From: Kurt Sperry <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] KOF Drillium

You can see most if not all the variations in Zeus 2000 crankset factory drillium/millium in this little video. Or you can ignore the pics and tap your toe along with Jaco on bass.

Kurt Sperry Bellingham, Washington USA

2009/5/26 Simon Pulman-Jones <>:
> And, here, an example of a pretty comprehensive Zeuss 2000 factory drillium
> job on a triple - all the way through crank arms and spider, with very
> regular patterns on the rings:
> jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1