[CR] Circ stuff I will have for sale

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To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 17:19:07 -0400
From: <charliepedal@aol.com>
Subject: [CR] Circ stuff I will have for sale

Hi I did not?sign up for a space thinking I didnot have anything to sell. Well here is a few things I will have.

?* Suntour barend shifters : 2 sets used W/ original spiral bare housing.$45? +? $40

*Dura-Ace 7sp freewheel 13-21 NOS in original box $45

*MAFAC competition brakeset W/levers-hoods are cracked $90

*Stronglight French BB?? W/118 spindle $65

*Stronglight French headset - off Gitane tour de France $35

*NITTO Jaguar"FROG" SP72-NJS 27.0 - 30 rail space seatpost - shop wear only $80

*Micrometers - Starett +nBrowne&Sharpe :$20 to $30 each ??????? sizes 2-3"??? 3-4"???? 5-6"

*Wrenchforce Professional 15mm Crank wrench (fits Campy NR crank bolts) W/ 7mm allen ?????? (fits Cinelli?stem) made by Snap-on tools

*Cinelli Bars$30

*Shimano 600?Arabesque kit : f derailleur - shift levers - rear derailleurs 1 short cage - 1 long cage ? crank W / BB - brakes complete (short reach) -? wheels W/ rear 6 speed cassette (2 cassettes) ?? rims 700c Rigida red oval label 36 SS spokes- Straight and true $250 for all.

If interested e- mail me charliepedal@verizon.net?DO NOT USE the CR e -mail ???? IF YOU WISH SEND YOUR PHONE NUMBER THE AND BEST TIME TO CALL YOU. ?Thank you for your interest

?Charlie Petry
?near Jennersville PA U.S.A.