Re: [CR] Schwinn Paramount Accessory kit for "Parismo"

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Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 21:03:25 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] Schwinn Paramount Accessory kit for "Parismo"

Harvey, Thanks for that.

(I know a guy who's been called a crooked saddle wrench before,, not sure if he deserved it or not?)

I'm sure a few tools in the photo were added by the owner, or he was talked into when he bought the bike. Seems a waste as he never rode the bike, and then stored it so poorly, why would he buy extra wrenchs?

Just wondering.

peter weigle
Lyme, Ct.

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From: Harvey Sachs

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> The 1972 Paramount catalog says
> "TOOLS: Included with both the Paramount models is a tool kit containing
> Campagnolo tools for disassembling and adjusting the crank set, for
> adjusting the saddle and seat post, and for adjusting the derailleurs."
> This and my febrile memory suggest that the kit include
> 5 mm allen key with blister on shaft
> 6 mm T wrench
> crooked saddle wrench
> crank puller
> peanut butter wrench.
> I'm just not sure about the crank bolt spanner.
> I'm pretty sure it did NOT include chain tool or the extra allen keys with
> your set, but you can be generous. But, your picture doesn't show the
> saddle wrench, which is an essential component of the frustration of that
> seatpost. :-)
> The brown plastic pouch sounds like the real McCoy; someone on the list
> was selling some a while back.
> harvey sachs
> mcLean va.
> Peter Weigle wrote:
> I forgot to put the "official" Schwinn Paramount Accessory Tool Kit in the
> listing with the FS Parismo.
> It goes with the bike!
> I'm wondering if folks on the CR list know if this was the full kit, or
> were
> there other goodies in there.
> Also, I meant to offer to exchange the non-stamped double crank arms on
> the
> bike for the triple arms I removed. (I didn't have the 36 ring or the
> adapters, so I exchanged same time line double for the triple.)


> Thanks,

> peter weigle

> Lyme, Ct.