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I remember that, he wanted a vintagesque bike and we happened to have that one... So Bucky tried the 200K at L'Eroica with only flat land training? Oh my God. I will have to read that!?


Dale Brown

Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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? June edition of Outside Magazine has a write up on last years L'EROICA by ''Bucky''McMahon. He has a kind of fun writing style but I have yet to read the definitive writeup on the Event.?

? I would recommend reading it at the Magazine stand or Book Store and saving the $5 for something more worthy.?

? Bucky bought a TREK from the Listmeister who then recommended me as ''advisor'' sadly Bucky was not a very good listener as he did attempt the 200k with little training (I recommended a shorter distance based on his riding in flat Florida)and finished long after dark thus missing the time cut off, his bottle of wine and one of the reasons to do the event, the ride back into town with fellow ''Slaves of the Road'' ,arriving back in the Square with people shouting in Italian and the band playing in the background.?

? I think 2009 will be a memorable event with only vintage bikes allowed and smaller crowds expected? ?


?merciless magazine reviewing in MILL VALLEY, CA USA?

? ?


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