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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 11:33:55 +0200
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Hi Steve, I know exactly what kind of Brake pad you are looking for and, yes, these pads are still available in most older bikestores here in Germany. I might hab´ve one im my stash and if not it should be fairly easy to get one locally. Send me a mail and I will send you a pad if you still need it. These brakes were quite common on standard bikes in Germany until the sixites and a lot of shops still have the pads in stock.


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Hi Steve,

I wonder how a Simson was brought to the USA... Now, Simson also made bicycles after the war as you can see on this photographs: The latest model was 1957 but since the "reunion" in 1989 there are new bicycles using the brand "Simson" They also made small motorcycles with a two stroke enginge and motorised

vehicles for handicapped people and firearms. To get more information about serial # it may be a way to look into one of these sites. There are still many enthusiats on german democratic republic nostalgia and the Simson postwar bikes are a part of this.

If you need some help with the translation, feel free to ask. I'll try to help

Marc Oliver Künne, Wegberg, Germany

Steve Birmingham schrieb:
> I recently bought a Simson Suhl city bike from Germany. I've found a
> bit of info about the company, but it's not clear if they stopped bike
> production before WWII or if it continued afterwards.
> Any ideas if the serial #s might include a date code?
> It's pretty nice, Torpedo coaster hub with Renak wing nuts, and
> painted and pinstriped rims.
> It also has a brake that acts on the front tire like the spoon brakes
> from very early bikes. I need a brake pad for it. Are they available?
> and were they standardized, or are they all different?
> Steve Birmingham
> Lowell, Massachusetts